What They Say About Me!

I had the pleasure working with Menush Rasoulinia at ECCO shoes.

This was during time of massive growth and a lot was expected of all of us.

Menush’s work ethics and methods never stopped surprising and inspiring me. She always saw a bigger picture, always choosing the best way,- no shortcuts-to ensure 100% qualitative result.

Her attention to details is astonishing, and nothing slipped through.

Her ability to combine trends and fashion ambitions with the commercial needs were impeccable.

Menush was a great colleague and I give her my best recommendations.




Sine Løvendahl

Senior product Manager, ECCO Design Center

Ms. Rasoulinia proved to be a committed and interested employee who evidenced a high degree of flexibility and willingness to get involved.

She possesses an adroit mental perceptiveness which enables her to rapidly implement tasks.

Ms. Rasoulinia completed her assigned tasks with a high degree of creativity and fantasy and consistently to our utmost satisfaction.

Her deportment vis-á-vis superiors, colleagues and external dialog partners was always exemplary.




Heinz Segelhorst

Head of Human Resources

Lloyd shoes GmbH, Germany

Menush Rasoulinia is a responsible and dedicated employee and a sociable person who settled down well in our team.

We warmly recommend her and are available if further or more detailed information is needed.





Jacob Møller Hansen

Manager, ECCO Design Center